Featured How-to November / December 2010  
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Designer: Carol Hope
Altered Mirror

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Step 1: Lay out a selection of different sized tiles to cover the mirror frame. Take a photo of your final layout so that you will remember where to put your tiles. Also, make sure that any hanging hardware is at the top of the mirror and that you put your tiles on right side up.

Step 2: To get an interesting variety of colors, pick each tile up one at a time to ink. Using the Alcohol Inks, Alcohol Blending Solution and Alcohol Ink applicator, ink all of the tiles. When dry to the touch, rub off some of the ink very gently with a baby wipe to reveal the lovely marbled pattern the layers of ink have left.

Step 3: When the tiles are inked and dry, lay onto the mirror frame again, either in the same order as before or change the order if some colors clash. TAKE A PHOTO to refer to later, however you may change it again once stamped. Don’t worry at this stage if you think that the colors look too vivid, as the stamped images will completely change the look.

Step 4: Stamp all of the inked tiles next. For best results, place the Stampbord onto your inked stamp and press firmly. Allow to dry.

Step 5: Using the Scratch Knife, scratch back to white to add highlights and details to your stamped

Step 6: Using the spray sealer, seal all tiles. Allow to dry before handling.

Step 7: Going from your final layout, begin gluing your tiles into place. The tacky glue comes in handy with this project because it does not dry too quickly just in case you would like to move a tile once you have already glued it down onto the frame.

Make sure that you are gluing the tiles with any hanging hardware on the top of the back, so it won’t hang upside down.

The tiles will hang off the frame slightly on each edge. To have them hang off evenly on each edge, do not put your first tile directly on a frame corner and then continue to place the tiles. See photo 7.

You now have a beautiful, colorful mirror that will brighten up any room! Make one for every room in your house or give them as gifts for any occasion!