Featured How-to March / April 2010  
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Designer: Judy Kreitler
Stampbord™ Sketch Book

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Step 1: Arrange different sizes of Stampbord pieces, like a mosaic, to the size you want to end up with. Glue them to a sheet of heavy paper in the same arrangement. Sponge all of the pieces with Brilliance Pearlescent Beige. Using the small stencil brush, shade the cracks between the pieces with Brilliance Cosmic Copper.

Step 2: Stamp your images on the Stampbord mosaic using the Black India Ink Pad. Let dry completely.the box.

Step 3: Put a few drops of Claybord Inks on a palette. With a small square bristle brush, base coat the Carmine Red in the flower’s petals. For the blending, it is best to do one flower at a time. Brush a small amount of the darker areas with Ultramarine Blue, then with a tapping motion, blend these two colors together. For the centers of the flowers, base coat with Yellow, then dry brush with Carmine Red and Light Green. The stems are base coated with mix of Yellow and Light Green, then Light Green and Sepia.

Step 4: Base coat the butterfly with Ultramarine Blue that has been diluted with water. This will give you a light coat. Using small amounts of Ultramarine Blue and Carmine Red at a time, darken the butterfly and put shading in the wings and body.

Step 5: Using the Stampbord Scratch Knife, scratch in the details and highlights in the flowers and butterfly.

Step 6: Spray with the sealer two or three times to coat well. Let dry completely.

Step 7: Layer with different colored papers and glue to the cover of your sketch book. Now you have a unique sketch book for all of your artwork.