Featured How-to July / August 2010  
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Designer: Vicky Fernando
“A Colorful Canvas”

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Step 1: (1a) Prepare the background base by tearing masking tape into small strips and sticking them down in a random manner, making sure they lie flat on the surface. (1b) Add a wash of Twinkling H2O’s in Cinnamon Brown. Allow to dry thoroughly.
Step 2: Prepare your Stampbord tiles by inking them in coordinating colors. This project uses the following color combinations:
            • Blazing Red / Royal Purple
            • Teal Blue / Saddle Brown
            • Yellow / Rust / Blazing Red
Using a make-up sponge to pick up ink from the ink pad, apply in a dabbing motion, using light pressure to add layers of color until you are happy with the look. Apply the lighter color ink to the center first, followed by the darker color around the edges. This gives a nice “spotlight” area to the tiles. Let dry.
Step 3: Use Jet Black StazOn ink to ink your chosen stamps. Place your inked stamps rubber side up, and place the Stampbord on top to be inked. Use medium pressure to ensure good ink coverage. Carefully lift the Stampbord away from the stamp to not blur your image.
Step 4: Using the masking technique as necessary (where you “mask” a previously stamped image in order to safeguard it from an overlapping image you wish to stamp over the top of the “masked” image), stamp your tiles.
Step 5: This is where the real fun begins... Using the point nib Scratch Knife, add highlights to your Stampbord tiles. Start off with very light, thin strokes, blowing away any dust, so you can see the area you are working on. Use the Fiber Brush to add a softer finish to some areas.
Step 6: (Not shown) Once you have worked on all your tiles, arrange them onto the prepared base. When you are pleased with the layout, glue them into place.
Step 7: (7a) Cut up the letter tiles. (7b) Glue them to the base to spell out your chosen sentiment.
Step 8: Use a Green Twinkling H2O to paint the book page. Cut two leaves using zig zag scissors and glue into place.
Step 9: Using the Teal Blue StazOn ink, apply the ink pad directly to the edges of the base board.
Step 10: Using the Crop-A-Dile tool, punch two holes 1 ½" from the top edge, and anchor the fabric strip by tying a knot on either side. Enjoy your new Stampbord creation!