Featured How-to October 2009  

Designer: Laura Davis
Stampbord™ Halloween Box

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A Note From the Designer: Halloween by far is my favorite holiday as is Fall my favorite season. I love the cool crisp air and the rustle and crunch of the fallen leaves by ghouls and spooks on this magical night. The bright vivid jewel tone colors of this season are intoxicating, all of this the inspiration for my Stampbord box.

Step 1: I used Copic Caio markers to color the top of my box. I used three different colors, Cardinal Red, Golden Yellow, and Cadmium Orange to get the jewel tone effect.

Step 2: I then soaked a sheet of paper towel in rubbing alcohol, and laid it over the top of my box until the alcohol was able to react with the markers. I liked the design on the paper towel and was pleased the pattern presented itself on the box, once it was removed. The alcohol blended the colors together beautifully.

Step 3: After the top of the box was dry I papered the sides of the box, added my embellishments and then decorated the top of the box with layers of embellishments. One of my embellishments is the small Stampbord tiles that I stamped with Halloween style stamps using black ink staying with the theme of the box. Once you are done designing your box, you can attach the hinges provided with the box.

Step 4: I personally have an addiction with ribbon and most of my work has a signature bow of some type. I could not leave ribbon off of this box. I decided to use a different technique than the traditional bow. I first trimmed all sides of the top of the box with black grosgrain. I then gathered the grosgrain ribbon in a loose accordion ruffle on the front of the box and adhered the ribbon using glue dots. Giving the box a mysterious, but elegant look.