Featured How-to May 2009  

Designer: Kimberly Crick
Stampbord Pencil Holder

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Step 1: Using the alcohol ink applicator with felt tool, apply a few drops of each of the alcohol inks and blending solution to the felt. Cover all four of the Stampbord ATC surfaces with the inks. Use the applicator to achieve your desired effect. Let Dry.

Step 2: Ink your rubber stamps with the StazOn black ink pad, and press the stamps to your Stampbord pieces where you choose. Let Dry.

Step 3: Using a make up sponge, dab color from your StazOn ink pad to the corners and edges of your Stampbord pieces.

Step 4: Use the Scratch Knife to scrape off the surface ink and expose the white clay below. This creates nice highlights and depth to your design. Repeat on the remaining Stampbord pieces.

Step 5: Using another make up sponge, gently wipe a thin layer of Mod Podge gloss onto your four Stampbord pieces. This adds a clear glossy coating and offers protection against ink smudging. Repeat on the remaining Stampbord pieces.
Step 6: Place all four finished Stampbord pieces, next to each other, in the order you wish. Flip them over, face down, taking care to keep the images oriented in the same direction. Coat the back (undecorated) side with Mod Podge and make sure all pieces are snuggly side by side. Next, take your patterned paper measuring 10.5” wide and 3.5” tall and lay it over the glue. Take care to align the paper with the edges of your Stampbord and smooth out any ripples. There will be a half inch paper excess at one end, extending past the edge of your last Stampbord piece. Allow to dry.

Step 7: Pick up the four pieces of Stampbord which are now joined together with the Mod Podge glue and paper. Apply glue to the remaining 1/2” tab of paper (undecorated side of the pattern paper) and the edges of the 2.5” square base. Fold it around your 2.5” square base (7a). The bottom of each piece of Stampbord will meet one edge of your 2.5” square base. Use that 1/2” excess paper with wet glue on it to join the Stampbord pieces (7b) and form a square container shape (7c). Let dry.

Step 8: There will be a 90˚ valley between each piece. Apply a generous line of Glossy Accents in this 90˚ valley. Place your choice of beads, glitter, mini marbles or other embellishments into the Glossy Accents. The Glossy Accents will dry clear.

Step 9: Add a glittering, finishing touch to your design by applying Stickles glitter glue. Now you’re done! Place it on your desk to hold pencils, paint brushes, pens etc.